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About us

The Apple Factory is a part of Świeży Owoc L.L.C. – the group of fruit producers that grows and sales fruits. The main goal while creating this group was shared production planning and sales preparing in accordance to the highest standards. The company founders are persons with years of experience, working in the biggest European apple-growing region- Grójec in Grójec County. Modern sorting and logistic base allows us to have big batches of fruits all year round. In order to increase assortment and stock sizes Świeży Owoc L.C.C. is expanding the number of producers united in its group. In 2011 we obtained GlobalGAP Certification which allows to demonstrate our compliance with the standards.

Our mission... to comprehend and fulfill our client’s needs. Thank to our qualified staff, we are able to customize our production to world market. Our Polish and international customers value us for our continuity of supplies for 365 days a year. Our aim is successfully adapt our production profile to market needs. Our shared warehouse and sorting plant guarantee year round deliveries of large, homogeneous, appropriately packed top quality products.